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sustainable growth with joy

from Digital's Punk Manifesto

Our pay-off is sustainable growth, and to implement it we always start with strategy.

For this reason we work closely with the owners and management to help define the strategic development lines. Similar to external board advisors, we bring our experience by combining it with the advantage of thinking out of the box.

Once the strategy has been agreed, the possible implementation paths are examined first and then we dedicate ourselves to relationships and partnerships on which to leverage, to accelerate the process.

We provide advice on what can be used for business growth following our methodology which can be divided into 4 areas:


Consistent strategy and approach

The first phase is always that of the analysis where we collect not only the salient facts of the company (history, customers, people, markets, numbers, solutions, … etc.), but also the vision and the “desired” of medium or long term term.

We then define together the value proposition for customers and start the process for aligning corporate communication both internal and external to the strategy.

The implementation is then detailed in a timely manner on the different areas: sales, digital and operations.

Why sustainable growth?

Sustainable by the company: in the sense that any growth strategy must be respectful of the characterizing values ​​of the organization. Digital transformation must not orient itself towards a single model – one where only the greatest triumph – but rather must use the powerful tools that technology makes available to us to bring out the DNA and heritage of the company both through process innovation and constant enhancement of the know-how of collaborators through continuous training.

How does it work?

We don’t have a standard model, we adapt to the realities we encounter. We usually organize periodic videoconferences to discuss hot topics and ongoing activities. Where required, we can also take charge of part of the implementation or coordinate existing resources.

Your growth strategy now!

The sooner you start the sooner you enjoy the benefits. Don’t be shy, get in touch.